My name is Terry Baker and a warm welcome to my website.  I am an artist and photographer with a BA in Fine Art, an MA in Photography, a PGCertEd in Art Education and an Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society.  I have been a practising photographer and a teacher of fine art and photography for many years, printing, exhibiting and selling my images directly to the public.  I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio of work as much as I have enjoyed creating this website.  Feel free to use the contact page if you have any queries.  I will always respond.




My interest in photography started aged 11 when my father, a keen amateur photographer, gave mw my first camera, a Kodak Brownie, and also taught me how to develop film and produce prints, all done in the bathroom converted into a makeshift darkroom.  I continued to develop my own prints, experimenting in black and white, colour, sepia and gold tone and other processes.  Now I work exclusively with digital imaging, relying on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to serve as my new 'darkroom'.  Even so, I have never lost that feeling of magic I experienced as a child when an image would appear miraculously on a sheet of silver bromide paper.




It must be said that digital photography offers considerably more control over the final result, in both colour and monochrome.  I could certainly not have used the photograph as a starting point for fine art images without digital processing.  It has freed me to produce work not simply as a photographer but also as an artist able to recreate in an image the emotional response which fired my imagination in the first place.  My love of surrealist art, in particular Dali and Max Ernst, has influenced a broad spectrum of my work.  I love the zing and bling of bold, bright colours for abstract pieces but still enjoy producing images in black and white where merited; one is then much more aware of composition, tone and structure when not distracted by colour.




Over the years I have experimented with high gloss, lustre and matt finishes but the vast majority of my images now are printed on Epson semi-gloss paper.  It is a very robust yet sympathetic surface for my work, giving a painterly quality, being kind to colour and detail and resistant to the risk of marking.  I also like to define the edges of my images with a thin black stripe and a white border.  This establishes a neat print boundary as well as protecting the image from any possible edge damage.  This boundary can be covered by a window mount, if required, at the framing stage.




Orders for prints are fulfilled by The Printspace of London.  This is a world class fine art printing company and the quality of its work is outstanding.  All prints are supplied with a certificate  of authenticity bearing the artist's signature and the website logo.  This is the buyer's guarantee that the print is a genuine piece of artwork created by me.  Small and medium size prints are limited editions of 50/30 and each print is certificated with the edition number.  If required, framing of your print can be arranged directly with The Printspace.




 I live in the Peak District National Park, a stunningly beautiful region in the heart of the Midlands, and the first region in the UK to be designated a national park.  It is also one of the most visited parks in the world, surrounded as it is by large city conurbations.   I have a working photographic studio and if you're ever walking from Hartington in the Dove Valley up to the village of Sheen and then down to the Manifold Valley please feel free to visit or contact me at info@artofphoto.co.uk. You'll be made most welcome.